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Forrest Day August 27, 2022 
(21 & Over Only)

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Live Music, Karaoke, Entertainment, Cocktails, Beer, Wine, Pool, Digital Jukebox & Bar Menu.

Live music & Entertainment at the Urban Lounge. The Urban Lounge (formerly the Safari Club by the Red Lion Hotel) is Monterey's coolest new retro and glamorous live music and entertainment venue. Brad Mallory and Jacqueline Kabat of Tribe in the Sky have teamed up with the Diaz Brothers and chef Brad Kreitler to bring this new venue to life. 

The Urban Lounge - 1425 Munras Avenue Monterey, California 93940 (831) 649-4771

(Full dinner menu from The Urban Kitchen available until 8 pm)
Door Open at 5:00 pm Thursday thru Saturday



Tribe in the Sky Local Musician Jam Join for a night of creativity and connection featuring iconic local musicians including The Mallory Brothers, Nomad, Howe Cochran, Gary Souza, Azi Fedoui, Michael Martinez, Michael Royster, Brad Wright, Chris Lopez, Rosewood, Scotty Wright, Seth Tanner, Jacquelyn Newman, Jonathan Rogers, Chuck Brewer, Zach Freitas, Arno Featherstone, Reija Massey, Rod Wilson, and other favorites. The weekly jam will include original music and a mix of rock and roll and blues music. The vibe is inviting, welcoming, and joyful. Join new and old friends in the community who want to enjoy the healing and joyous power of music. 


Monterey Comedy Improv. 

The Peninsula's Fabulously Funny Improv Troupe uses audience suggestions and volunteers to create entertaining scenes on the spot, completely unscripted and spontaneous, similar to the hit show "Whose Line Is It Anyway? ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. LAUGHS ARE GUARANTEED! Players include Rich Westbrook/Director, Carrie Gerdes, Nick Villareal, Kimberly Rousseau, Laura Be, Julie Steelman, Paul Smith, Ann Larson, Benjamin Forest, and Musical Director, Lee Garland.